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Founded in 2005, Almighty PC strives to make the customer’s technological world an easier place. We specialize in computer repairs and networking. Got a virus? We can equip your PC with virus protection software. Is your computer running too slow? We can check out your PC and update it to meet YOUR needs. Are you in need of a network? Almighty PC can set you up with a network for multiple computers. Do you need new software? We have access to Microsoft programs, Adobe Photoshop, etc. Whatever YOU need, we can generally find! Are you in the market for a new PC? Almighty PC can build a computer customized to fit YOUR needs. If you don’t know what’s necessarily wrong with your PC, we can troubleshoot it and let you know what needs fixed! Any computer related problems you might have, we’re here to help you and make your life easier.

Almighty PC is located in Kuna, Idaho.